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Tuesday, September 8th 2015, 5:12pm

Camping / Resting management

I have this idea from Magic Candle (OLD RPG Game) and Mana Khemia (Japanese RPG) ...
Isn't that strange only one character doing activity while the other don't do anything at all ?
Why don't you make time table / activity table instead ?
Ex for camping :
1. Wizard doing enchantment to her wand (6hr)
2. 2 Fighter sleeping
3. A Druid hunting Herb
4. An Elf Hunting Food
5. A Thief do guarding.

So in this case.
1. All activity will have 6 hours, the result will get announced after 6 hr passed.
2. The sleeping effect like 6 hours sleeping at camp.
3. Hunting usually takes 3 hours, in this case it will be like they do 2x hunting.
4. In case there's fight.
- Wizard will fail her enchantment, and ready for battle
- 2 Fighter start in ready to fight condition
- A thief start in fight (s/he will alarm the Druid and Elf and will come latter)

But in case no one do guarding (Thief goes hunting) :
- Wizard will fail her enchantment, and ready for battle
- 2 Fighter start in Sleeping condition
- The Druid, The Elf, and The Thief Will eventually come, but they will be late (Need 6 turn as 6 hour camp event)

In case it successful (No attack) there will be info message.
1. Wizard will get her result announcement
2. 2 Fighter will restore x HP and Endurance (Health)
3. The Druid and The Elf hunting result

Another Suggestion :
"Camp Utility" (Best in Wilderness, but this still possible in Dungeon too)
1. Creating Trap (This might damage enemy in case they attack)
- Need 1-3 hours to prepare (Poison, Confuse, Damaging, Alarm type)
- The roll of success trap depend on several factor of skill (you can imagine what skill it is, don't you ?)
- Need several portable trap in inventory
Pro :
- Some will get damaged + Bad status
- You will get warned and prepared for fight
- You can make this to hunt and trapping enemies around that area
- You can craft Trap (if crafting will be implemented in this game, Thief / Elf / Rogue able to do this)
Con :
- Trap can only available for 36 hours, it will get broken / off if you camp more than 36 hours
- It might miss (Higher intelligence / Wisdom / Stronger enemies will avoid it)
- You can't dismantle trap (either get caught or not, it will be gone permanently)
- Crafting need ingredient, and deadlier / powerful trap need stronger ingredient

2. "Group Treatment Injuries" (Best at resting at Inn)
- Need 2 person with 3 variation of Treatment (also need all skill above 5)
- Need 1 Healing Potion and several herb (Developer choice)
- Need 3 Hours
Pro :
- Can Heal most bad status
- Fastest way to heal ALL character
- Cheaper than healer working all your character
Con :
- Hard to make 2-3 person to have requirement
- The ingredient are Expensive
- It's FATAL if enemy attack you (probably only available at Inn)
- This don't restore AP at all
- All character can't do anything

3. "Hunting Together" / "Harvesting Together"
- Need 2 character with skill for Hunting / Herb related above 5
- Need Consumable Item (Lure, Rope, Herbal Tester, Poison Detector, etc)
- Need equipment for it (Fishing Pole, Fishing Net, Trap, Herbalist Glove, etc)
Pro :
- Will yield a lot more Food / Herb compared being done with each character gathered (if Success)
- Efficient in time (need 6-12 Hours)
- Might find special fight to obtain more (Boar, Bear, etc can give bigger food, while Living Plant can give herb)
Con :
- Might fail and exhaust party
- In case special fight lose, you will LOSE some of your Food / Herb instead.
Interesting Point :
- In case this activity being done, there will be plenty of extra interesting event
(several skill might get test and will give good / bad result)

4. "Peaceful Sleep Incense" (Best at resting at Inn)
- The effect like "Calm Body" at all character"
- Need the incense (Can be buy, and be crafted)
Craft : (Need one healing potion, one magic potion, and several herb)
Pro :
- Fastest way to get fully refreshed and most simple one too
Con :
- Somewhat expensive, and some people might prefer meditation + Treat Injuries combo at Inn
Funny event :
- If you do this at camp, in case being attacked, all combatant in area will get sleep, including the enemies


Tuesday, September 8th 2015, 5:46pm

Interesting ideas.
But I fear those features won't get implemented in Blade of Destiny. But perhaps some of it could be used as input for Startrail if it will be made some day.




Friday, September 11th 2015, 6:17pm

Hmm, that's too bad, but I guess the engine can't handle the idea unless there's some change ...
(also I kinda forget ... if the original old game have this separated act in camp too or not)

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