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19.01.2017, 14:31

72681 | 69330 | 72714 | 72717 | 72715 | Some Bugs and Errors

First of all, the required specifications:

Game version: 1.36.
Hasn't been reported before.
Outpulog.txt attached.
Screenshot attached for bug no. 2.

1) Varnheim or Varnhome
I just found, while travelling, that the city named "Varnheim" (see the map) is actually called "Varnhome" when you enter it, or when you hover the mouse to show the summary about the city.

2) Character dies and then stands up
I think I found another bug, this time in combat mode: One of my characters fell unconscious from poisoning, and then time passed and finally died. The strange thing is, instead of remaining on the ground, she suddenly stood up, but it was only her torso. It was floating over the ground:

3) Sometimes, the ambient sound for "snow" is incorrect, and instead plays the one corresponding to "rain".
It's clearly noticeable, since it sounds as rain, eventhough it's snowing (it's weird).

4) There are typos everywhere, especially when a female NPC is treated as a "he" (in a dialog box). Others are just bad writing, but it would be great if you could hire a proofreader. I'm an English into Spanish translator, and I'm willing to help you out.

5) Character should be dead when he reaches -10 VP. I've noticed that a character is "dead" (hover the mouse over his life bar) when his VP reach 0, but there's also a small icon that indicates he's unconscious. I think "unconscious" is correct, and the "dead" state should only applied when a character reaches -10 VP and his portrait stains with blood, right?
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19.01.2017, 15:59

Welcome to our forum, Martin D and thanks for the bug reports. It is easier for us, if you open one topic for one bug and not list all bugs in one topic. But you don't need to do it with this topic, now. I've assigned all your reported bugs. :)


19.01.2017, 21:24

Hi Lares! Thanks for your prompt reply! It's very nice to see you actually care about your previous game.
Next time I'll create a topic for every bug I find... Hope it isn't necessary ;)
By the way, do you use JIRA or Zephyr for your "bug management"?