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Saturday, August 24th 2013, 4:43am

Ork Cave now stuck

I had a saved game in the Ork Cave.

Fired it up to check out the new combat sounds, etc.
Oh, on when my characters miss, it makes the hit sound...

When I leave the cave, it asks if I want to explore cave or continue.
I hit continue and it just asks again and again into eternity!



Sunday, August 25th 2013, 1:35pm

Please install the latest patch and if you can reproduce it then, please upload the savegame. Thank you!


Monday, August 26th 2013, 11:02pm

I cannot reproduce this bug anymore, seems it has been fixed with the last patch.
After leaving the cave I´ve only got the message once if I want to explore the cave or go on travel. If I choose to travel it does what it says :)

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