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Dear visitor, welcome to Nordlandtrilogie HD - Offizielles Forum. This is the old forum of the Realms of Arkania Remakes. You can find the new Forum at This forum is just for reference, posts and registration are deactivated.


Tuesday, July 30th 2013, 4:56pm

Steam Patch fixes <- according to german forum part

Hi english forum,

some information from testing the patch which is now available on Steam (at least in Germany)

-Language is taken properly (i.e. no more manual copy of language files) :)
-some issue with attribute increases during level up is fixed
-still some problems with black screen after intro (but compatability mode fixes that)

-battles are still rendered with a random background
-no Audio in battles
-(? quantity) spells still not implemented
-character creation still buggy
-crash when alt-tab out of full screen mode
-changing graphics setting while game is running

I will keep you updated as reports roll in in the german part.

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