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Saturday, August 10th 2013, 5:33pm

End-themed Bug Compilation ((Spoilers, be warned!))

My heroes have boldly gone to Hyggelik's dungeon, and here's what they've found. --

They've reached the locked door with the skeleton draped across it, and can go no further. In the original, there was the split party mirror puzzle, but I've found no such mirrors or anything to proceed past this point and can't meet Hyggelik to retrieve Grimring.

Also, upon fighting the Sorcerer at the end of the Black Magician ruins, I still wasn't given the last map piece. I had started before I talked to Yasma. Maybe I'll have to start a new game to get it? I still got into Hyggelik's dungeon so no worries though.

1. All of the choices leading up to the castle are placeholders. I must say, though, the paragraph about Greenie coming up with the cheese toast recipe had me laughing so hard. :D

2. Leaving the castle, I am presented with this message, and my characters fall through the floor endlessly. They can't get out of the dungeon. Output Log I submitted is after them falling through.

3. There seems to be too many fights in the end dungeon. On the bridge area there were at least four I counted and they all had at least eight to eleven enemies. Every other step, it seemed my characters would get into a fight and it became a bit tedious. Odd, as I think in the rest of the game battles are placed 'strategically'. Granted it is the end dungeon, though.

4. The dialogue for encountering the gold coins on the floor, and the large vault with the chest plays normally. But the reply after you say no to collecting it, there is a placeholder as well.

5. There seems to still be a few issues with the skeleton battle models. They still play their idle animations indefinitely and get stuck.
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