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Dear visitor, welcome to Nordlandtrilogie HD - Offizielles Forum. This is the old forum of the Realms of Arkania Remakes. You can find the new Forum at This forum is just for reference, posts and registration are deactivated.




Thursday, October 24th 2013, 6:32pm

Ship of the dead and few other questions

firstly big thanks for all your work guys, I loved the original saga and I do really appreciate that an remake is in place.
I started to play this game several times (as the patches were released) in order to enjoy it the most, so here are few comments/questions that I would like to get clarified..

x Ship of dead - is this planned to be added to the game? I did Google-translate the german forum a little bit, so my understanding is that its not there yet. Any particular plans for it?

x Magic academy - I am not sure about the others, this still does not work for me. Is still shows nonsense...
x Is autofight planned to be added to the game? Sometimes I am in hurry and pack of banding are no big deal... (but 5-10 mins lost) lol
x Blacksmith - maybe if more weapons at one time can be left there, lot of the frustration of coming there and back would disappear..
x Enemies
- might be good if the enemies does have their recognizable leaders as well
- quite often during the fight enemy shoots from crossbow or bow... after the fight, no arrows .. no weapons are in the loot... weird (eg just knife)

x Question regards the conception - are you planning to work on Star Trail as well?

Apologies if some of the questions were answered earlier and again, thank you for good job. I do have lot of fun playing it... thanks




Thursday, October 24th 2013, 6:42pm

Great questions! I want to know the answers to these myself.


Thursday, October 24th 2013, 6:52pm

The ship of the dead is definitely in the next patch and perhaps the primitive version (with no spells) of autocombat can be there also.

Blacksmith refusing to repair more then one weapon would be a good fix to the issue, since losing weapons can be annoying.

Magic Academy is a known issue and will get fixed.

Edit: Magic Academy maybe party unimplemented even. <.< Wouldn't want to mislead anyone.

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