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14.11.2013, 21:43

Small Suggestions

I would like to make some small suggestions which are possibly are minor retouches.

-Changing Fear of the Dead to Necrophobia as in original. ( NE - If possible at least in display)

-Changing Fear of Heights to Acrophobia (AC - If possible at least in display)

-Changing Greed to Avarice (AV - if possible at least in display of character sheet/creation)

-Using the same names for towns in the map or in the original RoA game, English players would rather see consistency there. (In the explanations they are named so different, it is a bit...moodkiller)

Town Name Change to
-------------- -------------
Stonrock|| Felsteyn (As in original)
Nortvest|| Nordvest (As in original)
Upper Orken|| Upper Orcam (Or the original Oberorken but in English RoA 1 it was Upper Orcam)
Uberthorn|| Overthorn (I have no idea in Remake it is named as Uberthorn)
Orkmeadows|| Orkanger (It was like that in original)
Guddasoundby ||Guddasunden
Runin Haven|| Runinshaven
Angbodirvale|| Angbodirtal
Greenvelden|| Groenvelden
Peilinby|| Peilinen
Vaermhague|| Vaermhag
Ljasdal|| Ljasdahl
Hjalland's Court|| Hjalland Farm

These are things I could find so far. The towns in the map needs a good renaming to be in accordance of originals. Some of those names look really out of place.